Reactive Content Strategy

Content Strategists do a good job of defining web content that addresses primary user needs and behaviors. What should we be doing to capitalize on what users are telling us after the page is published?

What sets a digital experience apart from traditional media is that it facilitates a two-way conversation. We put certain content out there and users respond to it by:

  • Spending time on a page
  • Commenting on content
  • Bookmarking and/or returning to a page
  • Adapting their search behavior
  • Talking about our content
  • Sharing our content

We have an opportunity to react to this information by adapting web content to what our users have told us they want to know. If social audits, search trends and site analytics tell us that the conversation amongst mothers currently revolves around diaper rash this week, post an article about treating diaper rash. If that page is bookmarked, viewed and shared actively, post a follow-up article.

As content strategists our job is to figure out how to develop and manage reactive content strategies that can adapt to ever-changing user needs and interests.

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