Calling All Storytellers

For all those authors, journalists, photographers, artists and other narrators who fear that they might be part of a dying profession, I’m pleased to tell you that the art of story telling is alive and well and living in cyberspace. Nothing new about that, for sure, but how many of us are truly embracing the change?

The digital industry is literally crying out for those who are well versed in communicating ideas and inspiring change through content (words and/or images). In a traditional sense, this would be achieved by creating an article, book or picture series that transports readers into the story and creates a connection between their reality and another’s. In a digital sense it means creating and managing a digital presence that does the same thing, across multiple media, in a dynamic environment.

Technology has brought us to the point where literally any idea can be broadcast to millions, billions within minutes. Along with this capability, however, comes the greater challenge of managing and developing content to support the central idea.

This is where the storytellers come in. Some people are just naturally talented in the art of weaving a narrative that is engaging and relevant, and that serves certain predefined needs. These are the folks that need to be helping to take digital content to the next level. So for those of you sensing the end of an era in traditional communications, I say come on over to the dark side, take back your art, and teach the digital community a thing or two about storytelling.

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4 Responses to Calling All Storytellers

  1. Nic Bothma says:

    Well its a matter of adapt or die i guess! As a photographer i find the exponential surge in imagery in our worlds today creates a huge amount of visual noise. In the past people craved to see things, to see a magazine or television was a thrill. We craved to see the things only photographers could get to. Now we have so much content across print, television, internet there is a glut of imagery and stories its sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees. So how can we, as storytelling professionals, rise above the tide of imagery and create things that stand out…or dont.

    What springs to mind is to do less that counts more. Streamline and economise. Minimalism is the way forward in design and content. Exact clear messages with quality, pertinence and flow that make music and not noise!

  2. Helen Kopp says:

    come on over to the dark side… I like this! And couldn’t agree more.

  3. lindroux says:

    Too true Nic, there is a lot of noise out there, and I am a big fan of adequate minimalism. Thanks for the comment Helen.

  4. Nic Bothma says:

    Well just returned from a photographers get together and slide show down here and came away with some interesting news for the old pro photojournalists!

    read this for some context and thus the need to embrace new forms of telling our stories:

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